NFT Traders hosts trading competitions on DEX. The winners will receive valuable NFT purchased from Mintable or any other NFT Market place. (The NFT might be chosen by the winners, alternatively, the winners might receive the prize paid in “zil”)

Competition Entry Fee and trading rules:

1) Each entry costs 100zil (subject to change) and a minimum of 100 entrants is required to begin the competition.

2) Once 100 participants show their interest, they will be asked to send entry fee to:
zil1uxqs2k6e5dyd82gqly03tz4ncx99vqhp83qww7 and send a link to their address that has a maximum balance of 20zil.

3) No trading history, and no other coins should be in that wallet.

4) Each participant will receive 1NFT coin to their competition trading address.

5) No zil top-ups are allowed from external addresses!

6) Each competition will last 1h on the day and exact time agreed by all participants.

7) Traders are required to perform multiple trades: buy and sell.

8) A minimum of 5 entry points needs to be performed during the competition.

9) Traders who accumulate the most of the NFT tokens at the end of the competition will win the prize.

10) Participating traders are required to submit their results for review.

11) Once the review is complete final results will be published on the official Twitter and Telegram channels, and the winners will receive the prize.

12) Entry fee funds will be used to manipulate the market during the competition.

13) 5000zil will be reserved for the minimum prize structure and 5000zil will be used to trade the market.

14) At the end of the competition, all remaining NFT coins will be sold and funds will be merged with the reserved 5000zil pot.

15) 10% hosting fee will be deducted from the pot’s total, and remaining funds will be used to purchase NFTs that will be rewarded to the winners.

16) If no NFT partnership was agreed before the competition, winners might choose to receive prizes paid in “zil”.

Prize structure:

This is the minimum prize each winner will receive is based on reserved 5000zil:

1ST - 2000zil 40%
2ND - 1400zil 28%
3RD - 800zil 16%
4TH - 100zil 2%
5TH - 100zil 2%
6TH - 100zil 2%

Host - 500zil 10%

In the event total pot reaches 12,500 the redistribution will look like this:

1ST - 5000zil 40%
2ND - 3500zil 28%
3RD - 2000zil 16%
4TH - 250zil 2%
5TH - 250zil 2%
6TH - 250zil 2%

Host - 1250zil 10%

Wallet info:


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